Artists Against AIDS:
     What's Going On Single (2001)
Artists Against Apartheid:
     Sun City (1985)
     Sun City Single (1985)
     Silver and Gold Promo SIngle (1985)
Armstrong, Craig:
     As If to Nothing (2002)
Band Aid:
     Do They Know It's Christmas? (1984)
Boceli, Andrea
     Cieli di Toscano (2001)
Brady, Paul
     Back to Centre (1986)
Burnett, T-Bone
     Beyond the Trap Door (1984)
     The Talking Animals (1988)
Call, The
     Red Moon (1990)
     Best of the Call (1997)
     Long Black Veil - The Chieftens (1995)
     Flyer - Nanci Griffith (1994)
     In a Lifetime Single (1985)
     Macalla (1985)
     The Collection (1986)
     In a Lifetime Single (1989)
     Past Present (1989)
     Anam (1990/1992)
     Themes (1995)
     Rogha, the Best of Clannad (1996)
     In a Lifetime the Ultimate Collection (1997)
     Ultimate Collection (1998)
     Greatest Hits (2000)
     Magical Gathering (2002)
     The Best of Clannad (2002)
     In a Lifetime (The Best of) (2004)
Corrs, The
     The Corrs Live in Dublin (2002)
Drew, Ronnie
     Dirty Rotten Shame (1995)
Ecco Homo
     New York New York Single (1990)
Etheridge, Melissa
     Brave and Crazy (1989)
Faithfull, Marianne
     A Perfect Stranger (1998)
Franklin, Kirk
     The Nu Nation Project (1998)
Friday, Gavin
     In the Name of the Father Sdtk (1994)
     In the Name of the Father Single (1994)
     You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart Single (1994)
     You, Me and World War III Single (1995)
     Shag Tobacco Album (1995)
     One Single (1992)
     Pop Album (1997)
     Moulin Rouge Soundtrack (2001)
Griffith, Nanci
     Flyer (1994)
Harris, Emmylou
     Wrecking Ball (1995)
Holland, Jools
     More Friends Small World Big Band Vol. 2 (2002)
Hughes Brothers, The
     Bringing it All Back Home Compilation (1993)
Hutchence, Michael
     Michael Hutchence (1999/2000)
     Slide Away Promo Single (1999)
     A Straight Line Promo Single (2000)
Jagger, Mick
     Goddess in the Doorway (2001)
Jean, Wyclef
     New Day Single (1999)
Jones, Quincy
     Q's Jook Joint (1995)
Lanois, Daniel
      Acadie - Daniel Lanois (1989)
      Wrecking Ball - Emmylou Harris (1995)
      Robbie Robertson - Robbie Robertson (1987)
      Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack - Various (2000)
Little Steven
     Sun City - Artists Against Apartheid (1985)
     Born Again Savage - Little Steven (1999)
Lone Justice
     The World in Not Our Home (1999)
Lunny, Donal
     Bringing it All Back Home Compilation (1993)
     Common Ground Compilation (1996)
     Common Ground Sampler Promo (1996)
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