Author Topic: Construction Ahead. Use Caution.  (Read 164 times)


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Construction Ahead. Use Caution.
« on: May 14, 2020, 07:24:52 PM »
Just a heads up...we've started reconstruction on some parts of the discography.  The first casualty was the singles page.  You can see the new version here:

We're working to incorporate a few more graphics around the site. Older versions will still be around, but will be gathered later in a text only section. 

As part of the clean up we're once again looking at the digital only section and questioning exactly what purpose it serves. Do we really need a separate entry for "Wide Awake in Europe" as a 12-inch record and as a digital stream from U2.Com? Well probably not. It just adds some confusion as people try to find information about releases. We combined the two entries and did a bit of clean up on them here:

You can find them under the new singles page. Yes, it's gone from the digital only section at this time.

We will look to expand the digital section a bit but with a clearer purpose of what we are collecting there. The team are tossing around definitions of what will belong there, and once we come to a consensus we'll share those thoughts, but feel free if you want to chime in and suggest we take one path or another.

While you are on the Wide Awake in Europe page, if you look down to the bottom you'll see some new scans as well. I invested in a better scanner which allows me to do large flatbed scans - including some decent scans of 12-inch vinyl without a lot of editing after. I've gone through and finished scanning most of my 7-inch singles over the past few months, and I've started working on 12-inches. You'll see them fill in slowly, and I'm starting with the early ones and going in order, but this one from 2010 was needed to finish off the new singles section. 

Also working in the background on several new sections which aren't yet ready to be shared, but we're finally getting things into the shape we were hoping to get them to when we moved into the new home in 2015.  Thanks for sticking around. The journey isn't over. Just getting started.  :)