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Vertigo Stereo Channels
« on: October 10, 2004, 06:27:03 PM »
Originally posted by Carl
Wow, how'd you hear that in the original mix?  If I mash my headphones to my ears I can barely notice it is there.  Something is definately there though.  It sounds pretty solid except perhaps "tonight".

Oh.  My.

Winamp for some reason was playing it as mono, just the left channel centered.  I can now hear it pretty well normally.  And yeah my middle 8 mutters were way off.  Feck.  All the little vertiginous sounds on the right channel are cool, though the guitar seems panned a little hard right.  Lyrics are much easier to decipher now.

This song seems made for listening to on either the right or left channels (more so than Walk On in my opinion).  On the left there really isn't any guitar until the solo, just a lot of atmospherics, but the vocals, drums, and bass come through well.  You can easily change between listening to either channel playing the song in VLC and checking through the drop down menus.

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