Author Topic: Discography & Collectibles Section Updates (Week Ending October 2, 2004)  (Read 6189 times)


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It's been a busy week at with the relaunch.  Here's a quick rundown of what's new for content this week in the sections run by myself and Wes Holland.  We're hoping to send out a weekly notification of updates now that the new site is live, so people can check out new stuff as it goes live without having to post everything to the main page.  For instance, we've just updated with information about the 12" version of the Vertigo single...we won't be mentioning that on the front page.

If anyone sees anything missing from the discography and would like to contribute information about the release or images of the release please give me a shout.  Just because we've relaunched doesn't mean we plan to let this place grow stagnant.  We hope to continue expanding entries as time goes on.  I've still got a good portion of my collection left to scan in as well, so the updates should continue regularily.

Keep an eye out this week for a contest in which you can win a copy of the new U2 Tribute album "Still Strung Out on U2" courtesy of CMH Records.

Anyway with all that being said, here's the updates since the relaunch.


Updates for the week ending October 2, 2004.

Discography: Vertigo Single Page
Entry added to site with information on international releases.

Discography: Vertigo Promo Page
Entry added to site.
Information on 7", 12" and CD versions.
Scans of UK Promo CD single by Didi of
Scans of US Promo CD single by TC
Scans of US Promo 7" by Skip

Discography: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb Page
Entry added to site.
Image of the front cover from

Discography: Voices and Poetry of Ireland
Entry added to site.
Scans of Book and CD by AJS

Discography: Electrical Storm Promo Single
Updated images.
Scans of Spanish Promo CD by Carlos Núñez

Discography: Nancy Sinatra / Nanci Sinatra
Entry added to site.
Scan by Chris @

Discography: Creamfields / Paul Oakenfold
Entry added to site.
Scans by AJS.

Discography: Still Strung Out on U2 / Various
Entry added to site.
Scans courtesy of CMH Records.

Videography: We Know Where You Live, Live!
Entry added to site.
Scans by AJS.

Collectibles: Interference Glasses
Entry added to site.
Photos provided by Wes Holland

Collectibles: Best of 1980 - 1990 Dog Tags
Entry added to site.
Photos provided by AJS.

Collectibles: Sweetest Thing Chocolate Bar
Entry added to site.
Photos provided by AJS.


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damn!!! I spent 10 mins writing down something and there was a problem here!!!
ok, I'll like to ask you If the Fly cd single pictures, Mexican Edition you have there are the ones that I sent you by juanary 2004 or december 2003...I can't recall...I'm Jose Arambula, and my Brother Moises and I have a credit  listing at the colaborations page !!! [Familia Arambula]
Also to offer you the scans for the long boxes of the US releases from BOY to R&H...our boxes are in excellent shape, like new!!! you won't believe that...
If you like to receive those scans please reply this one!
Hola Hola desde MEXICO