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SaC Tour
« on: June 18, 2018, 11:22:27 AM »
For weeks we were forced to move our U2 discussions from place to place. Now we are finally back in our original comfy quarters.

Original comfy quarters

Before I bring you up to date on our latest scintillating chat, I must confess that these recent upheavals in our normal weekly schedule caused some of our members to nickname our sessions the 'sarcasm and cynicism tour for geezers'. But let's not dwell on such frivolous comments. Some of us are still trying to make U2 chats great again. Both North and South of the river.

Here are my minutes of our last meeting.

1) Edna announced that she has purchased a new stereo system.

Edna's new stereo system.

The above picture was taken before the aviation warning lights were installed. Rest assured her new system will comply with all aviation regulations.

Now, as some of you audiophiles know, you can't get good sound using cheap hookup cables, so I was asked to recommend some better speaker wires and interconnects. I brought in Chief Running-to-stand-still and his Snake Oil band for support.

slaneman recommends better cables

Given the current trends in playback media, Edna wanted to make sure her new rig would play any of the older, out-of-date formats that hipsters might start playing in their retro mania. This might mean going way back to the time of the Edison disc. Thanks to a brand new remastering process, Edna will be able to play these original recordings. 

Audio engineers discuss remastering process

2) Our member Wheelchair Willy was able to snap a picture of the person solely responsible for the recent vinyl trend. Willy's tireless research has finally permitted every internet music related forum to focus their comments, pro or con, on this individual. Willy was unable to gather any further information, but you may just call this individual, 'the hipster with no name'. I think he lives in a dry and waterless place in some desert, catching flies.

Hipster with no name

3) We discussed the amazing plethora of LIB remixes. The current number of LIB remixes has surpassed the number for any previous U2 song. The reason for such a plethora is not clear. (We can barely spell the word). There are now more LIB remixes than there are edits of the Red Rocks show. Well...maybe not...yet

Various theories have been advanced by theoretical physicists. Unfortunately professor Hawking recently passed away, but Leonard Susskind was kind enough to offer some of his theories.

'All we can conclude at this time is that it might have something to do with dark energy and the accelerating expansion of space'.

Many others have argued, fairly convincingly, that the cosmological theory of the quilted multiverse comes closest to explaining this astounding number of remixes. It seems all the Djs in all the clubs in all the world have been sent the seeds and stems for LIB.

U2 is being introduced to thousands of totally drugged out youngsters jumping up and down in unison. None of our members here at the, I mean Old Folks Home, have the slightest interest in remixes. We do, however, often find ourselves jumping up and down at the prices we have to pay for our daily drugs.

Moving on.

4) We discussed the latest news that Island Music has just constructed a new storage facility for U2 releases.  We have been told by our U2 insider, Frank Furnace, second cousin, twice removed, from a U2 War Tour tech support man, to keep the location of this facility secret, on pain of being forced to listen to all the LIB remixes in alphabetical sequence thru a pair of Beats headphones.

Wow. That's a fate worse than being punctured thru the skin by Edna's knitting needles.

Many of our members here at the old folks home argued that this new warehouse is meant for the latest fan club bonus, 3-D Dance Mixes. It could also be for unsold copies of the latest vinyl reissues. There were the usual snorts about the Passengers reissue. We were able to snap a photo from our secret drone.

New Island Music U2 warehouse

Respectfully submitted
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Re: SaC Tour
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oh man this made me giggle in places :)