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Joshua Tree Album Sampler 5x7" set
« on: December 10, 2011, 08:28:54 AM »
I bought this box complete with the 5 promo records a while ago and have two questions about it.
I hope someone can answer them, because I could not find the answers on the internet!

As far as the information on the internet is correct, I understand that this 5 x 7" sampler box was very limited to only 250 pieces.
I also read that there are two versions:
version1: the singles have a white label with 'promo' on it.
version2: the singles have a white label with a gray 'A'  on it.

Which version is the most valuable one?
If only 250 boxes were made, how many of version1, and how many of version2?

That was my first question, I truly hope someone has information on this! :)

The sampler No.4 which I have is misprinted. The B-side label is missing, so it looks completely vinyl-black. (see photo no. 3!)
I know that the set is already very limited, but I am wondering if anyone else has a version where the label is missing on one side. Maybe this is the only one?

What would be an estimated value for this box set?
Box = EX condition. some of the single covers show a bit of damage because they were attached to each other.
The vinyl is in EX to Near mint state with all clean labels.

I added 4 photos to this post.

Thank you very much!

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