Author Topic: useless things i guess  (Read 1342 times)


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useless things i guess
« on: July 29, 2011, 09:46:10 PM »
Since bono has been a household name and we know what he looks like now doing the 360 tour, compare him to when he was just a teenager or something in the early 80's. I find it very very hard to put bonos current face into the face of the bono from the era of boy or war or anything, same with edge, i cant seem to picture hime these day like he was on the popmart tour or the joshua tree days with that hat and the ace card.

Maybe what im saying is sorta funny and not making any sense but i dont know if bono ever thinks back to how he looked back when was new at u2. Alot of things have changed in his life, voices, tones, emotions etc...and i think its cool...

anyways sorry for posting such a funny thread