Author Topic: Contest: Still Strung Out on U2.  (Read 6164 times)


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Contest: Still Strung Out on U2.
« on: October 04, 2004, 08:44:27 AM »
We have multiple copies of the new "Still Strung Out on U2" tribute album to giveaway.  If you are interested, here is the note posted to the front page of the site about entering the contest.  We'll hold the contest open until the CDs are recieved from CMH records.


To enter answer the following questions by using our website and send the answer to aaron @ (remove the spaces) with the subject heading "Strung Out Contest". A random draw will be held from all entries when we recieve the CDs from CMH.

1. What is the first line that Bono sings in "Sweet Jane" which was released by Lone Justice in 1998? (Hint: Mysterious Ways section)
2. What is the first ingredient listed on the Sweetest Thing Chocolate Bar? (Hint: Silver and Gold section)
3. Who is featured on the cover of the last issue (#16) of the original U2 Magazine? (Hint: Stories for Boys section)
4. The Joshua Trio did a cover version of "Bad". What single was it released on? (Hint: The Wanderer section)
5. The Amnesty video "We Know Where You Live, Live" featured a live performance of Stay (Faraway So Close). Where was it filmed? (Hint: Lemon section)

Keep an eye out for more contests in the future...