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« on: May 27, 2004, 01:44:20 AM »
It's funny how my thoughts on this have changed...

I did a take a while ago of the chatter at the beginning of this song and recently listened to it.. didn't like it, so I redid it.. and started laughing my ass off.. I may not be right on this, but even so, it's gonna cause me to grin every time I hear it.

Listen to the file before reading further...

my original thoughts:
"Very good." - unknown, through a speaker
"Practice." - Edge?
"Right, you have to admit that we're/went bad." - Bono?
"You're doing good, (let's/just do it)." - first voice again

on second thought:
"Very cool." - unknown, through a speaker
"(For) practice." - Edge?
"Right, you have to admit that we're bad/went better." - Bono?
"So what?" (faint)
"Take your places." - first voice again

but here's my recent thoughts:
voice 1:"Drink up!"
voice 2:"Breakfast."
voice 3:"Fry eggs and ham."
voice 4:"Okay."
voice 5:"So what?"

voice 1:"Sing for your cookie!"

voice 1 sounds like it's coming through a speaker. voice 2 may be The Edge, voice 3 sounds like Bono. voices 4 and 5 are way in the background and hard to hear (particulary #4)...

hee hee hee