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7" double packs for trade
« on: February 24, 2005, 12:53:52 PM »
TUF, THBAO & Pride 7" double packs for trade

hello there, if you like to trade this double packs, please send a U2U.

I'd grade these 3 as [VG+] [VG] record-cover (two hearts)
                                           [VG++] [VG+] record-cover (pride)
                                          [VG+] [G] record-cover  (TUF)

I'd trade 1 double pack for:
    EBTTRT 7" UK
    FLY 7" UK
Or the 3 of them for      
    ONE 12" UK or USA

Feel free to send U2U with other titles to offer and questions too, maybe You have another vynil that is not in my collection

I'd accept records with grading VG+ on trade.

Thanks a lot!