Author Topic: Where are the BBC Radio 2 studios? (to see about getting an autograph)  (Read 7872 times)


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This article just got posted on
It says, "Adam Clayton will also be appearing on radio on the morning of October 31, 2000. He will be appearing on the Dermot O’Leary Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 which is a show that airs between 8-10am in the UK."

I have a copy of The Joshua Tree on vinyl that I was lucky enough to get Bono and Edge to autograph a number of years ago. I'd like to complete the autographs of course.
If I wanted to hang around outside the BBC, to see if I could get Adam to sign my vinyl sleeve, where would I need to go? Where is Dermot O'Leary's breakfast show recorded? Is it pre-recorded, or broadcast live? Even if the latter, I wonder if Adam's interview would be pre-recorded anyway. Or, actually, now that I think about it, I suppose it's more likely to just be a phone interview.
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