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My 4 favorite CD box sets
« on: January 26, 2020, 02:07:50 PM »
My 4 Favorite CD Box Sets

Here is an amazing wealth of listening and reading for a very small amount of money.


1. Frank Sinatra The Voice The Columbia Years 1943-1952 (Mono)

4-CD box issued 1987, this is the CD version of the 6-LP box from 1986. Each CD has 18 tracks or 76 songs total. Mine was bought used in good shape for $15. This is an LP sized box which also came with a lengthy booklet.

There is also a complete 12-CD version which came out in the early 90's.

4 CDs and a great booklet full of pictures and history and anecdotes all for $15!

$15 dollars.

Now, what's the big deal? Oh well, just really old music which was beautifully sung and recorded. These tunes represent a musical time machine that takes you back 75 years and lets you hear what people were listening to on their radios. Before the Beatles and before Elvis there was the crooner with that amazing voice.

I've purchased a few other Sinatra box sets. They are all extremely well produced with outstanding recordings and wonderful booklets. The booklets all have informative essays from well known Sinatra critics. 

If you like Frank just enjoy his recordings and don't even think about collecting. If you took all the official releases from U2 of any kind listed in U2songs, any collaboration or any solo stuff all added together, that would add up maybe to 1% of Frank's recordings. Totally mind boggling.

2. CSN Crosby Stills and Nash

4-CD box issued 1991

For CSN or CSNY fans this is a must-have box with plenty of music and group history. There are all the original songs from their early years plus a CD of alternate takes and other discs with cuts from their different groups.

I can still remember listening to these songs when they first came out. Good times.

3. The Allman Brothers Dreams
4-CD box 1989

I went thru a Duane Allman completist period a few years ago and this was a must-have, of course.
Wonderful booklet and plenty of rare early cuts from even before the final group members got together.

“Skydog: The Duane Allman Story”, by Randy Poe is the best Duane biography and one of the best biographies I've ever read about a musician. I confess I truly geeked out about the Allmans.

4. Derek and the Dominos The Layla Sessions
3-CD box 1990

This is one aspect of my Duane geek-out. I bought it just for the jam sessions with Duane and Eric that took place when they connected together back when Layla was being recorded. It's a fascinating hook-up between legendary guitarists that is much more interesting to read about rather than listening to the scant playing time they recorded. Apparently, the motel all-night sessions with just Duane and Eric and lots of various drugs might have been amazing, but we don't get any of that.

But...if you want all available Duane...

What are your favorite CD boxes (non-U2)?