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About U2Songs
« on: October 19, 2018, 09:15:06 AM »
Hi All --

Its been a while since we relaunched in 2014. Just a quick reminder about a few things:

* This forum is associated with as it was with before it.
* Many of the stories posted to the main site do not make it here, so we do suggest you follow the main site as well.
* The crew here at U2Songs includes the following people: Aaron Sams, Brad Hood, Don Morgan, George Dias, Harry Kantas. We also list Carl Uebelhart and Mike Long as staff and they still have full access to the site, but both have chosen to retire from the day-to-day operation of things. You can view the current staff profiles here:
* The U2Songs site does not have downloads available of any audio or video material. Any video or audio content is embedded from other sources which are not under our control.
* does have a license to reprint U2 lyrics, granted to us by Universal Music in 2005.

When we dialed back on in 2009, we took five years to rebuild the main site, introducing a number of new content areas, and completely re-investigating things. That new site at U2Songs has been in operation for four years now. Some areas remain incomplete, and we are currently adding images to the discography on a daily basis. We operate on a number of social media platforms and invite you to follow us on those if you use the services:

Instagram: (Our newest addition)

We also offer an RSS news feed for those who are familiar with using those feeds:
You can also contact us via email: (Yes, we still use the old site in some ways, and will continue for now)

We are working on two major new site additions which should happen in the near future. Once the tour ends in November we will have a bit of additional time to work on these things. We also have several new features we are adding in the Songs section, the Discography section, and are working on some improvements to the news section.

I started the discography in 1988 in pen and paper, and moved it online in April 1995. We believe that makes us the oldest, continually operated U2 website.

And one more thing -- a big thank you to all of you here in the forums for helping out, giving us leads, sending us information, and giving us your thoughts. One just has to go back through the 15 years of posts here to find a treasure trove of U2 information. It truly has been one of the more valuable sources of information as we have worked on the current site.