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RSD 2018
« on: March 10, 2018, 03:18:31 PM »
RSD 2018

Itís that time of year again. Music collectors will arise before dawn, drive all over east Texas, and line up for a stimulating attempt to buy a special, once in a lifetime, limited release - before itís plastered all over Ebay at higher prices. Oops. Too late. Itís already on Ebay. Damn.

Ah, the celebration of record stores. Record stores have their own day. Twice a year. Somehow, Bezos hasnít yet stamped them all out. I donít care how cold or rainy it is or how much TV I might miss, Iím gonna be there. 

This year I have customized my cane for the special occasion.  Iíve nicknamed my cane Ďthe curse of the old white guyí. Thatís taken from a name my friend Edna started calling me at our U2 discussion groups. ĎOld white guyí. Well, she said it was nothing personal.

Instead of the usual rubber end piece, Iíve outfitted my cane with a special carbon steel pointed tip that can even pierce multi-layered North Face or Eddie Bauer down parkas. If I canít talk my way to the front of the line by receiving sympathy for my mental handicap...those hipsters gonna be sorry. You gotta free yourself to be yourself. I am rock ní roll. I hope my March madness continues into April.

I understand that the only new song will be a Beck remix. Iíve also just learned that this Beck is not the Beck from the Yardbirds. Just a heads-up for millennials...the Yardbirds were a rock group from England and not prisoners loitering and muttering to themselves in a yard with other inmates. Oh well, we can all hope that at least the bespoke download card has been printed on cardboard remastered by The Edge and the files are at least 24/192.

After I push or gouge my way to the door thereís a couple other special recordings Iíll be looking for besides the U2 vinyl. Iíve read somewhere there will be a special 4 vinyl compilation titled, ĎSelections from TV Commercialsí. This will be pressed on Searís finest grade 250 gram kitchen vinyl with Jimmy  Hoffaís initials hand scratched in the dead wax. Jimmy Hoffa, as most of you know, has been holed up with Elvis Presley manufacturing records in his underground lab under Giantís Stadium, now Met Life Stadium. These music clips will be full 68k res copied direct from YouTube, remastered and soaked in casks of Jim Beam whiskey and aged for 2 months! They will all be Concast Approved for adult listening.

IMHO this release will be a most timely memento of our current age. Every famous rock song ever written since the dawn of the Edison player will eventually be included. Of course, 4 measly records is just a taste of things to come. We can expect new comps every Record Store Day. (courtesy of Geico Insurance, current owner of the US Treasury).

Now itís time for Matlock on the ME TV channel.

This truly is a wonderful world.

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Re: RSD 2018
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i shiver every time i see the initials RSD. Because in Nova Scotia in April or November, it's too damn cold to stand out waiting for a record half of the night...sigh...