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Slow Dancing Zoo Radio Transmit Promo CD
« on: November 04, 2016, 06:44:22 PM »
Slow Dancing (Live from Tinley Park, Illinois, September 18, 1992) [4:06]
Zoo Radio Transmit Promo CD 1992 Bono and The Edge

[USA PRCD 6753-2]
World Music Amphitheater, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

More info here:

B.P. Fallon:
You’ve written a song for Willie Nelson

Yep. Myself and Edge have this kind of songwriting partnership
Where if we’re bored or if we’re like on an airplane we write, you know
We write songs together, and ah, ah we’ve written a few over the while
For Roy Orbison, just written one for Frank Sinatra, em, yeah we got this song
Ah, at the moment going for Willie Nelson called, Slow Dancing
I mean, I don’t know if he’ll ever record it. I’m sure Willie Nelson doesn’t need
One of our songs he’s one of the greatest writers in, in American music
Well I’d love him one day to record it
It’s taking the idea of the femme fatale, ah, and turning it on its head a little bit Where you think this song is about this woman who picks up a man and messes him around but it turns out to be a song about a man who went to a bar for only one reason which was to be picked up and to be messed around.
Well I’ve only performed it a few times and every time I perform it, it feels More, more natural to me

B.P. Fallon:
Let’s have a little sneak listen to it


My love is cruel as the night
She steals the sun, blocks out the light
All of my colours, they turn to blue
Win or lose
She does it slow dancing
Slow-ho dancing
She does it slow… dancing
All night long

Scarlet eyes and a see-through heart
She saw me coming right from the start
She picked me up, but had me down on my knees
Just a-begging her, begging her please

Take me slow dancing
Slow dancing
She took me slow…dancing
All night long

And I don't know why a man
Search for himself in his lover’s eyes
No I don't know why a man
Sees the truth but needs the lies

My love is restless as the wind
She moves like a shadow across my skin
She left with my conscience, I don't want it back
It just gets in the way

If you wanna go slow dancing
Slow dancing
She took me slow…dancing
All night long   

B.P Fallon:
The moon is the mistress of mystery. Zoo Radio.

Listen to just the song here:

Slow Dancing is one of my favorite set of Bono lyrics. I've listened to all the U2 live versions. Check U2gigs if you're intersted in finding others in your collection.

This one on Zoo Radio Transmit is the best recorded live version. Bono and Edge nail it.

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Re: Slow Dancing Zoo Radio Transmit Promo CD
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Happy to say I saw Slow Dancing at one of my first shows.  I got really lucky with that one.  At the time I don't think I appreciated how lucky. 


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Re: Slow Dancing Zoo Radio Transmit Promo CD
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Incredible song. I guess we'll never know where the ZooTV transmit promo version was recorded.

U2 should release an RSD EP of SD, She's a Mystery to Me and what else would fit this bill. Two more.

North Star?
I Remember You?
People Get Ready?
El Pueblo Vencera?

These songs are all strong B+ if not A- material.