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iTunes Box Set Thoughts (Spoilers)
« on: November 23, 2004, 03:15:25 AM »
Overall a very solid representation of songs from their career.  A minor quibble would be the inclusion of some tracks (a-sides on singles and best ofs) that are included twice, and some of the obscure vinyl remixes not being on there (THBAO for example). I would have just included the edited tracks from both discs of each best of compilation instead of just all the tracks of the a-sides discs but whatever.  Missing some of the best of edits, the aussie love comes tumbling, etc, but to be expected i suppose.  Also no soundtracks or mixs/live shows that appear on recordings etc (Other U2 section here on the site).

I've just noticed none of the cover songs are in there, which is kind of interesting.  The AIWIY single looks kind of lonely. :)  If you go into iTunes and browse the singles, WGRYWH has it's two covers, and One has satellite of love.

The extras are cool, three early demos (and I think the lyrics transcription to street mission get more accurate now), two live concerts (and not just ones from videos) and outtakes. Yessssssss. Quick thoughts below, based on 30sec clips.  I was thinking of buying the 8 unreleased tracks I could separately, but it won't let me, even though they have add for 99cents instead of work only (as two outtakes and the old studio demos do).

Levitate is interesting, need to see where it goes, sounds like a mix of Pop/ATYCLB.  

Love You Like Mad sounds like it'll be great.

Smile sounds like a mid 80's bside, or maybe a bit like sweet jane from axtung beibi.  Need to see where it goes.

Flower Children just sounds stupid.

Beautiful Ghost seems like something from the INOTF soundtrack.

Jesus Christ is umm... from a tribute CD.  R&H outtake??  It sounds the same to me.

Xanax and Wine.  Wow... it uses the b-block from Fast Cars, but with a helicopter guitar sound.  Can't wait for this one.

All Because of You (alternate).  different vocal melody, sounds more interesting, lyrics seem a bit more mature. guitar work is similar but some differences.

Native Son.  Weeeeeeird (but good).  The Always to Beautiful Day, but even more similar to the original instrumentally.  More Edge backing vocals.  Bleeding heart political lyrics, heh.

Yahweh (alternate).  Different arrangement, but not as interesting as the above songs.

Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (alternate).  Wow.  Same melody and lyrics, but instrumentation REALLY changes the mood.

The rest are promo remixes or edits from the b-sides discs to the best of's that weren't normally included.

All in all the "rare and unreleased" is far beyond what I expected and makes up for duplicate a-sides and some missing edits / vinyl mixes / promo stuff (i wasn't expecting the last anyways).

update: I think the buy for 99cents on the middle of the "extra" tracks is an error... the first two and last 3 are works only, and I tihnk that setting is on all of them despite what is displayed.  I could add fast cars separately to my cart, etc.

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« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2004, 08:10:26 PM »
...Hi...well I've just printed the list of the iPod package, and there's only 27 songs missing in my collection...

it sounds great to have'em all...but...I guess that nothing else in this world --or digital world-- beats up the feeling I had yesterday, when I get home, put the cd and the headphones and read, look, watch, search and find stuff on the cd booklet...

come on! I bet you still go and hear AB or R&H reading and looking the pictures!

all that feeling goes off when you're listening to an all digital format, it's just companion or background music, I feel the beat and the rhythm with the gatefold sleeve or jewel case in my hands...

or maybe I'm too old for digital music or maybe too cheap to jump on the iPod wagoon...


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« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2004, 08:07:46 AM »
Originally posted by santiago2u
 maybe I'm too old for digital music or maybe too cheap to jump on the iPod wagoon...

I know just how you feel. As Andrew Eldritch once said about owning the 12-inch single of "Careless Whisper" even though he had no record player at the time. "It's important to have the artifact if the record's that good."

Which brings me to this.... a fully loaded U2 Ipod with the complete works on it. Is this an artifact?

I wonder when the jury goes out on this one.

Personally, I see the unreleased stuff at this price as a serious rip-off. People should at least have been given the option of downloading just the stuff they don't already have.