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1995-04-07 > The site is first uploaded at the University of Ohio State.
2000-06-11 > U2Wanderer.org makes it's debut.
2015-10-01 > We've moved! To a new home at U2Songs.Com.
2015-10-01 > Looking for the forum? It's still here.
2020-02-01 > For our 25th anniversary we're bringing our 2000 design back!
We started what would become U2Songs.com in 1995. It was a class project, that became a U2 website. The first five years we moved it around from a variety of free sites. Homes at the University of Ohio State, TUNS, Geocities, Xoom, and even U2.Org. In 2000 we moved to our own domain, U2Wanderer.org, and stayed there for the next fifteen years before moving to U2Songs.com in 2015.

When we started this page, U2 Zoo TV: Live from Sydney was the band's most recent release. Vinyl was dying, and CD had taken off. The first release we covered live was the Passengers album. In 1997 we set up a dedicated PopMart site, but eventually returned to the discography and collecting angle we so loved.

Over the years we spent at this space we worked on The Complete U2 and 18 Singles with U2. We've been featured in a number of press articles over the years. We were the first to break the news of the Hasta La Vista! fan club album, first to share news of the How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb singles, first to share the news that a Moncton show would be added to the U2360 tour. We assisted with curation of the exhibit at the Little Museum of Dublin, and were used as a source of information for the 2003 U2 exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We are also one of the first U2 fan sites to be granted a provisional licence by Universal to print U2 lyrics on our site.

We're still actively working on the site, now located over at U2Songs.com. It is the oldest U2 site that we are aware of on the Internet that has been continually maintained and updated. And we're now celebrating out 25th Anniversary with celebrations planned for April.

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